"We Support Peace" Banner Campaign



633 What is the purpose of the Banner Campaign?653

This campaign is focused on displaying a banner in the front yard of houses of worship across the U.S. It is our hope that various religious institutions will choose to publicly reflect their congregants wishes for a peaceful solution to the decades old conflict in the Middle East. In light of the most recent war, violence and devastation, there is an immediate need and urgent opportunity to advance this cause of peace. We hope that a strong public demonstration of support for peace and justice from people all across America will encourage political leaders to make the decisions necessary to end this tragic conflict.667

637 What is the campaign's goal?

The goal is to encourage and help more congregations show their support for peace so that public awareness will increase and contribute to a lasting negotiation.The objective is to have at least one banner displayed by a congregation in each of the 50 states. We will encourage and support individual congregations and church offices to share their placing of the banner. In turn, we hope that others will inquire about the cause and also wish to place a banner in their public space. Click the 50 map to see where banners are displayed so far!688

640 How do I approach my church about participating?

You can start the discussion within your church by sending a letter to the administrative council. Click here to download a sample letter which you can use to make this step easier. After deciding to participate, you can use any of our sample newsletter articles in your church’s own newsletter to inform the rest of the congregation about the campaign. Click here to download a one-column article or click here for a two-column article (or simply use our newsletter text).

644 Where can I place our banner and how long does it need to be there?

Since this campaign is for us to show our public support for peace, the banner should be displayed in a place where the general public can see it, such as a church lawn or near the church’s marquee or informational sign. We would like the sign to be seen for the duration of the campaign or as long as you have it (Who has extra storage space anyway?). However, sometimes this will not be possible, so two weeks even in a combination of event or public space is requested.

647 Who else is supporting this campaign?653

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has given his approval and consent to placing the banner near UN premises. Click here to read his letter.

Make sure to also check out our photo gallery to see support nation-wide, as well as our Facebook page (We Support Peace CMEP) to see individuals participating in our social media campaign.

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We love seeing and sharing photos of support for peace! If you want to be featured in CMEP's photo gallery and on our Facebook page, send an e-mail with your group's name, your banner's location information, and a photo displaying the banner to info(at)cmep.org!

For more information contact Churches for Middle East Peace at info(at)cmep.org, (202) 543-1222, or 110 Maryland Avenue NE, Suite 311, Washington, DC 20002.

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