Scheduling a Meeting with Your Member of Congress

Making an appointment to visit your member of Congress is the first step in cultivating a valuable relationship with your elected official that can get your voice heard.

Here’s some advice on making that appointment:

  • Get in touch with you member’s office several weeks before you want to meet with them. The best way to submit your request for a meeting is in writing to the member’s scheduler.
  • Call your member’s Washington office and ask for the name and fax number of the scheduler. If you need to find out contact information for your elected officials office, check the online congressional directory or look on your members’ website. You may also call the Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.
  • If you have other direct contacts within the Senator or Representative’s office make sure to copy them on your appointment request.
  • Your written request should be less than a page and should include the following information:
    • Who: The names and titles or affiliations of everyone in your group. For example: On behalf of myself and other advocates with Churches for Middle East Peace, I write to request a meeting with you during the April recess. Our group would include [provide list of names, titles and church affiliations or other credentials in body of paragraph].
    • What: Your request for a 30-minute meeting with your senator/representative.
    • When: Communicate clearly when you would like to meet with the legislator. Make sure to specify dates and times that your delegation can meet.
    • Where: The location of the closest district office, or the location at which your delegation has decided to meet.
    • Why: Describe in a sentence or two why you’d like to meet with the member and the specific issue that the group will be addressing. For example: We would like to discuss with Rep. Smith the urgent need for strong and balanced U.S. engagement for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

See a sample meeting request letter.

Once you’ve submitted your appointment request, call the scheduler the following day to make sure they received the request. If you are unable to secure a meeting with the legislator, request a meeting with a senior staff person to discuss your concerns.

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