Second Sunday of Advent 2011

176 Peace, Love, Justice, Hope & Joy

"The second is like it, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'" –Matthew 22:39

Showing Love

Who is my neighbor? Most of the time we spend time trying to investigate who is our neighbor that sometimes we have trouble truly loving the neighbor that is close to us at home, at work, at school, that person with whom we have daily personal contact and sometimes is hard to live with. As Christians, sometimes we try to follow the Bible and see our neighbor as those least fortunate, those on the street, the poor, and the hungry. But we are called to show love to those least fortunate and make a difference in their lives, and ours too. Let’s start making that change and show love with people we see every day.

Who does not like receiving a smile, a good morning, a positive comment? Be friendly, cordial and open to everyone. What more proof of love to the neighbor than being cordial and respectful? It is simple, love the people around you first so then you can be ready to love the world. Show affection and love to those at home, churches, work, etc. Let’s be the light of love in our surroundings so then we can shine the world.

–Emma Escobar was the 2011 Ethnic Young Adult Summer Intern from General Board of Church and Society, The United Methodist Church at Churches for Middle East Peace


A Coming for All People

O God, I pray for peace and justice
for all people.

O God, I pray for love and joy
for all people.

O God, I pray for all children,
women and men of the Holy Land.

Through my words and actions this day
help me live as an instrument of
Your peace and justice.

Through my words and actions this day
help me live as an instrument of
Your love and joy.

Let my expectations
of God with us, of You with us,
include all people.

Help me to be like Christ this and every season.


--Doris Warrell

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