Sample Newsletter Article for New Partners

For new Partners CMEP drafted this article for use in engaging members of new Partner organizations in the work of peacemaking in the Holy Land.New partners may feel free to use the CMEP Partner logo at left.


Title: (your congregation) Became a Churches for Middle East Peace Partner

Text: On (date), our  congregation joined other congregations, religious orders, church-related organizations, regional church bodies, peace and justice committees, women’s groups or peace fellowships across the US and Christian traditions in being part of a vital and expanding national effort by Christians to support balanced and pertinent positions for U.S. policymakers that support peace in the Holy Land.

As Christians we are called to seek peace and pursue it.  Our work with Churches for Middle East Peace (CMEP) is an expression of this Biblical mandate in the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  CMEP’s judicious style is an important model in the highly charged debate on Middle East issues. Together we reject polarizing strategies and language that dehumanize Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs. We will work together to consistently urge our federal leadership and grassroots activists to work for the mutual interests of both peoples. Progress toward Israeli-Palestinian peace is absolutely necessary for development and reform of the region, for improving interfaith relations, and for diminishing anti-American sentiment, among many other reasons.

CMEP provides educational tools, issue analysis, and careful policy guidance for well-timed advocacy by individuals, congregations, and organizations. CMEP spearheads public letters to U.S. officials from prominent church leaders and provides a faith-based message to our churches for use in educating the public and advocating with policymakers. In all efforts, CMEP promotes policy grounded in the pursuit of justice and peace and remains committed to security and peace for Israelis, Palestinians, and all persons in the Middle East. 

To learn more about CMEP or sign-up to receive timely information from CMEP, including action alerts and spiritual resources, visit To talk with someone in the congregation about how we can be more active activates for peace with justice for Palestinians and Israelis contact (member name).