Sample Congressional Meeting Request Letter

Please adapt this template for your own needs.

TO: [Your Senator or Representative]
ATTN: [Scheduler]
CC: [Your member’s Foreign Policy Legislative Assistant or someone you know in the office.]
FAX: [Congressional Office fax number]
FROM: [Your name and affiliation (CMEP)]
RE: Visit from Constituents
DATE: [Current date]

Dear [Your Senator or Representative],

A group of Christian voters with Churches for Middle East Peace from your district will be in Washington, DC on [desired date of visit]. We would like to meet with you and appropriate staff to discuss your perspectives and work on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Preferably, we would like to schedule a time between [give a time range] on [desired date of visit]. I will call your office to follow up in the next week to identify the best date and time for a meeting with you.

In the meantime, you can contact me at [include your telephone number and email address].

Thank you for your time. I look forward to the meeting in [month of visit].


Download a Microsoft Word version of this template below.

Congressional Meeting Request.doc25 KB