Petition/Sign-On Letter Drive Tips

Having a petition or sign-on letter available during your church or group gathering is an easy and effective way to get more people to express their concern for Israeli/Palestinian peace and show that concern to your representatives in Congress.

Petitions and sign-on letters are similar in that many people can join in the effort for peacemaking by adding their signature to show shared concerns. Petitions address specific policy or actions in operation or being considered. Sign-on letters are general and address larger issues than petitions.

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For all petitions or sign-on letters:

  • Be located in an area of high foot traffic, such as a place people must pass in order to get to the refreshment table.
  • Have plenty of copiesof the petition or sign-on letter available and a few CMEP brochures.
  • Have at least two out-going people inviting people to sign the petition or letter.
  • Have plenty of pens and clipboardsso people can sign while standing and don’t need a table.
  • If someone has a question to which you do not have the answer tell them you will ask CMEP. Take the person’s name and question and send that to CMEP information to Doris(at)
  • If possible, put a notice in the organization newsletter or make a verbal announcement about what the petition or sign-on letter is about and why you care about it. Also a report about the drive in the next newsletter will let people know more about peacemaking and how your church or group is contributing to this work.
  • When your drive is over send all petitions or sign-on letters to CMEP at 110 Maryland Avenue NE, Washington DC 20002. We always welcome your comments so feel free to share those with us.

If there are people in your group from different states or Congressional Districtsbe sure to make people aware of the correct item to sign. Think about having the petition or sign-on letter in different colors for different Congressional Districts and remember to have a few extras for out-of-the-area guests.

You may also ask people beyond your church or group if they are also concerned about Israeli/Palestinian peace. A petition or sign-on letter may be taken to small group gatherings, public events your church or group is hosting or public places that have significant foot traffic such as a park or shopping mall. Remember to get permission if necessary.

If you have any questions please contact us at 202-543-1222 or email Doris(at)

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