Lent 2011: Reflecting on and Praying for Peace

57 O God, I pray for peace, justice, and
mercy for all the people of the Holy Land.
Through my words, actions and thoughts
make me an instrument of Your peace.




During the 2011 Lenten season we journey through the Gospel of Matthew considering some of its passages on peace. Through Scripture, reflections, actions and prayer, this CMEP resource may help us deepen our call to be peacemakers with the people of the Holy Land.

Fold this “table tent” along the dark purple lines to create three panels. You may print front-to back or on two separate sheets of 8 1/2” x 11” (legal size paper.)

Please share with CMEP your response to this year’s Lent/Easter resource and how you used it personally or corporately to engage your congregation more deeply in the work for peace in the Holy Land. Send comments, ideas or feedback to Doris Warrell at Doris@cmep.org.

As we enter into Lent this year may the love of God, the peace of Christ and the joy of the Holy Spirit be with you.


Rev. Doris Warrell
Field Director, CMEP

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