Fourth Sunday of Advent 2011

186 Peace, Love, Justice, Hope & Joy

"Here is my servant whom I uphold, my chosen one with whom I am pleased,
Upon whom I have put my Spirit; he shall bring forth justice to the nations..."
– Isaiah 42:1

Whose Way?

Both before and after Isaiah says what Jesus will do, Isaiah describes Jesus as having God’s Spirit. Jesus will do as God would do, in the way God wants it done. Jesus is the embodiment and our model of servanthood. While there are many ways to get things done, our way is to seek God’s way.

God seeks justice for Israelis and Palestinians alike, and therefore the Church seeks justice. Yet how we do this must always be as God’s servant sent to work at God’s command: with confidence and courage, bursting with the fruits of the Spirit, and seeking not to punish for the past but to reconcile for the future of life. The work of being God’s servant, with a God given gift of passion for the end of this more than 60 year conflict, has not always called forth the fruits of the Spirit in me. I must always be conscious of who has set me to this task.  I serve neither Israelis nor Palestinians. I serve neither Democrats nor Republicans. I am not an independent either.

I often reflect on the depth of love present in the hearts and minds of Palestinians and Israelis working for justice, peace and reconciliation. They live with the daily consequences of our communal American failure to seek justice.  We who live in the U.S. and are engaged in this work are pardoned from personally experiencing the daily fears and woes of the conflict. Yet the depth of love and self-control most Palestinian and Israeli peacemakers display is more profound that anything I could manifest.

Uphold me God as I try to be Your servant. Jesus, be with me and show me Your way to get things done. May the Spirit be in the clarity of my decisions and the courage to act as God would have me act to do my part to bring justice to the nations. Amen.

– Doris Warrell, field director for Churches for Middle East Peace

A Coming for All People

O God, I pray for peace and justice
for all people.

O God, I pray for love and joy
for all people.

O God, I pray for all children,
women and men of the Holy Land.

Through my words and actions this day
help me live as an instrument of
Your peace and justice.

Through my words and actions this day
help me live as an instrument of
Your love and joy.

Let my expectations
of God with us, of You with us,
include all people.

Help me to be like Christ this and every season.


--Doris Warrell

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