Congress on CMEP

CMEP has worked tirelessly to deliver our shared message of peace with justice for all to leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives. Here are some of the messages from Congress about CMEP and the peacemaking work we have done.




The Churches for Middle East Peace conference comes at a critical moment. It is a moment of passion and peril, to be sure. But it is also a moment of promise. The dangers – of another Mideast war, of nuclear proliferation, of religious extremism – are unmistakable. But so too are the glimmers of hope. -John Kerry, Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator (D-MA), June 10, 2010


290 Groups like Churches for Middle East Peace that support a two-state solution -- Palestine alongside the Jewish State of Israel -- help further the peace process in the Middle East. Support for negotiations creates the political will for Palestinian and Israeli leaders to work together toward a two-state solution that recognizes the Jewish State of Israel and their historic ties to the Holy Land as well as a Palestine where citizens can live side-by-side with mutual respect." -Pat Tiberi, Member of Congress (R-OH-12)


289 Your organization’s bipartisan efforts on behalf of national churches and church organizations to advocate for sustained U.S. leadership in the peace process are admirable. Your vision for negotiated agreement to end the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors, with a secure Israel living side by side with a viable and independent Palestinian state, is both valuable and timely. -Richard G. Lugar, U.S. Senator (R-IN), May 28, 2010