Playing the Blame Game As Talks Continue

The Israeli-Palestinian talks that Secretary of State John Kerry worked to revive last summer are in dire straits with 18 days left until the initial deadline that the parties agreed to. Read more here.

Dramatic Moves Push Talks to the Brink

Tensions escalated quickly this week after Israel decided not to go through with the planned release of Palestinian prisoners. Read more here.

Show "My Neighbourhood" Today!

When does offering a church program on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict get easy? When you have a great 25 minute movie to stream and a guide to help you made the event a great success! Click here to get: discussion helps, printable fact sheet with maps, promotional materials and more!

Join Christian leaders in Jerusalem and the U.S. by endorsing peacemaking today!


Our passion for peace is due to the love and care we have for the people whose lives and livelihood are jeopardized by the violence and indignities that sustain this situation and the destruction it inflicts on Palestinians and Israelis alike. A negotiated peace is a first step to supporting long-term improvement in the lives of people living in conflict.

This is why CMEP is asking you to endorse the March 2014 letter delivered to Secretary Kerry which is signed by 42 Christian leaders, including five Heads of Churches in Jerusalem.

"This letter from Jerusalem and U.S. national church leaders," says CMEP Executive Director Warren Clark, "comes at crucial time for the hope of peace in the Holy Land. Secretary of State Kerry is playing  a key role to bring the two sides together to negotiate. Now is the time for all Christians to seize this opportunity to show they care about finally ending this long and tragic conflict."

To help you engage members of your congregation, click here to download an offline endorsement form.

Keep an eye on CMEP's Facebook page. We will be posting more information and analysis as it becomes available.